Salary & Benefits

Salary & Healthcare Benefits

Firefighter/EMT candidates receive non-bargaining pay during Academy training. As of January 2023 this hourly rate is $18.78.

The current annual pay for a recruit firefighter is $54,807. There are scheduled annual increases in pay for the first five years with a present maximum of $78,292. There are excellent opportunities for promotion, with corresponding salary raises. Overtime opportunities are also available as well as opportunities for training outside of scheduled work hours. In addition to the annual salary, sworn firefighters are eligible for various annual education and certification bonuses, uniform allowance, longevity pay, and a sick time bonus per the conditions of the collective bargaining agreement.

A variety of comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits options are available.

Retirement & Pension

Firefighters are eligible for retirement after 20 years of service and must retire by age of 60. The pension plan provides vesting after 10 years of service with members making contributions as outlined in the contractual bargaining agreement. In addition to the pension plan, the City offers several supplement deferred compensation and retirement benefit options.

Life Insurance

The City of Lancaster provides $50,000 of life insurance for firefighters. Supplemental life insurance options are available.

Paid Time Off

Firefighters receive 14 bonus days in lieu of the City holidays. For one to five years of service, firefighters receive 14 vacation days and increases in the number of days progress after six, 16, and 20 years of service. Firefighters begin with 21 days of leave per year and accrue up 297 sick days. An annual sick time bonus is paid for firefighters who do not use sick time. In addition to this, firefighters can choose to earn comp time for working overtime.

Salary and benefits are subject to negotiation between the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 319.