Frequently Asked Questions

When will you be accepting applications?

Our application period begins April 1 and ends April 30 of odd numbered years. Ex: 2023, 2025, 2027, etc.

Does the hiring process offer preference points?

U.S. VETERAN’S PREFERENCE – Ten points for veteran’s preference will be added to the scores of eligible veterans who pass the examination and have completed at least one full term of service. You must be honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces. Upload a DD214, to your profile if you wish for your eligibility to be reviewed.

RESIDENCE PREFERENCE – One preference point per year for every consecutive year of residency, up to a total of nine points. In order to receive the residency preference points, the applicant must be a City resident at time of application and will be required to furnish proof of residency along with their request for points at the time of application.

BILINGUAL PREFERENCE – Five points will be added to the scores of candidates who can communicate in a second language at a fourth-grade level or greater. In order to receive the points, an applicant will be required to pass a language test.

Only non-veteran applicants are entitled to residency and bilingual preference points. A non-veteran applicant can only receive a maximum of nine preference points as a result of a combination of residency and bi-lingual points.

What training do I attend to become a firefighter/EMT?

Successful applicants will attend the HACC Fire Academy which consists of 14 weeks of training.

I have experience as a firefighter and/or EMT. Do I still need to attend the Fire Academy?

Yes, though there are some exceptions. If you hold a current EMT certification, you will not need to attend the five week EMT portion of the Academy. If you have previous professional firefighter experience, we assess your training and academy experience on a case-by-case basis.

What type of hours can I expect at the Academy?

The HACC Fire Academy operates on a Monday – Friday schedule with a few exceptions. Candidates should expect to commute back and forth daily to class from Lancaster to Harrisburg. On average, recruit candidates begin their day at 0630 hours and end at 1730 hours. There are some days where days will be longer for live burns.

How many firefighters are you hiring?

Vacancies exist by way of retirements or departures. This can vary from year to year. City funding of positions dictates when and if we are able to fill vacancies.

What opportunities are there for promotion within LCBF?

You must hold the senior bid and be qualified on an apparatus to become a driver operator. To be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Captain or Battalion Chief, you must pass both a written and oral exam once your years in grade are met. The ranks of Deputy Chief and Fire Chief are appointed.

What hours do LCBF personnel work?

LCBF suppression personnel work a four-platoon system which consists of two day shifts (10 hours days) followed by two night shifts (14 hour nights). Personnel have the following four days off before the schedule is repeated. Day shifts are from 0700-1700 hrs and night shifts are from 1700 – 0700 hrs.