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The 2023 recruitment period ended on April 30, 2023.

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Explore how a career with the Lancaster City Bureau of Fire could be right for you!

Application Period

The 2023 application period runs April 1–30, 2023. The process following the application period takes place over several months, with the outcome being a list of eligible recruits that we anticipate having certified in mid to late October 2023. The list is valid for a period of up to two years.

Application & Recruitment Process

There are several steps to becoming a career firefighter with the Lancaster City Bureau of Fire. If you are a qualified candidate and believe that becoming a career firefighter is right for you, we invite you to apply to begin your journey of what we believe is the best career in the world!

Is the career fire service right for you?

If you embrace challenges, are committed to life-long learning and physical fitness, find satisfaction in community service, cope well under pressure, thrive in a team environment, have good communication skills, and can adapt to changing situations and environments, you may have found your next career. Becoming a firefighter/EMT means you will meet new opportunities, experiences, and people every day.

Being a career firefighter means that you can make progress in your career through promotions or work to diversify your role through specialized training and become involved in areas such as fire prevention, technical rescue, or hazardous materials.